4 Vegetarian Sandwiches You Need to Know About

Vegetarian Sandwiches

If you’re vegetarian and looking for a new lunchtime sandwich, we’ve got you covered. We compiled four vegetarian sandwiches that are sure to please even the most discerning of taste buds!

Vegetarian Roasted Eggplant Sandwich with Basil Pesto

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Are you vegetarian? If so, have you ever been to a vegetarian sandwich shop? You need to! There are some great vegetarian sandwiches out there. In fact, even if you’re not vegetarian, these vegetarian sandwiches might be worth checking out. We all know that vegetarians don’t eat meat and instead consume vegetables and other plant-based foods. Vegetarian roasted eggplant sandwich with basil pesto is a vegetarian dish that is delicious for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine or simply loves eggplant in any form. It features a grilled eggplant on bread with basil pesto sauce from scratch and fresh tomatoes on the side of the bread. The ingredients are simple yet tasty: olive oil, garlic cloves, pine nuts (or almonds), fresh basil, salt and pepper to taste, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and a medium eggplant. The vegetarian sandwich recipe takes about half an hour to make from scratch and then it’s ready to enjoy!

Grilled Carrot & Avocado Sandwiches with Minted Yogurt Dressing

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Grilled Carrot & Avocado Sandwiches with Minted Yogurt Dressing is vegetarian sandwiches that are perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s light, refreshing and satisfying. It has all the right textures, flavors and colors to make it an ideal dish for summertime. The carrots give sweetness; the avocado gives creaminess; the mint enhances the flavor of both ingredients while adding a freshness that is essential in this recipe. And then there’s yogurt which adds tanginess to everything! If you’re looking for something new to try on your vegetarian sandwich, this one will not disappoint you!

Creamy Hummus Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread

I don’t know about you, but I love vegetarian sandwiches. They are usually so much more satisfying than meats and cheeses. The Creamy Hummus Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread is one of my favorites because it has an amazing flavor profile that will make you happy to be vegetarian for lunch!

The ingredients in this sandwich are easy to find at any local grocery store. You need whole wheat bread (or any type of bread), creamy hummus, cucumbers (chopped), tomatoes (chopped), green onions (finely chopped) and olive oil or mayonnaise. It can also include lettuce if desired.

This recipe is perfect for those days when you want something fresh and healthy, but still crave a hearty vegetarian sandwich.

Caramelized Onion, Sun Dried Tomato and Avocado Grilled Cheese

I’m a vegetarian that still loves the comfort of grilled cheeses. Who doesn’t enjoy melty cheese on toasted bread? This vegetarian grilled cheese is absolutely delicious and perfect for vegetarians who are looking for something hearty but made with vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

The Caramelized Onion, Sun Dried Tomato and Avocado Grilled Cheese is vegetarian (obviously) but also vegan (if you use vegan bread and cheese). Its caramelized onions add a new depth of flavor that grilled cheese has never seen before.

This vegetarian sandwich is perfect for pumping up your normal vegetarian diet. It’s vegetarian, vegan and great for those who want to take their vegetarian sandwiches up a notch!

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