8 Sweet Healthy Snacks To Quench Your Sweet Tooth

sweet healthy snacks

Meta: Is your sweet tooth on a peak but unable to satiate it in order to live a healthy life? Fret not, we have come up with eight sweet healthy snacks.

Avoiding your fav sweets can be difficult when making efforts to live a good and healthy life. How can one satiate their carving for chocolates and bars without eating those things? Well, you can soothe your sweet appetizer with some sweet healthy snacks instead! Sounds unbelievable? But believe us, there are some sweet snacks that are healthy and tasty as well. Let’s look at a few you should try to satiate your sweet pangs!


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Do you love to drink milkshakes? Well, smoothies are a perfect option for you. They are not only loaded with vitamins but also enough to quench your sweet craving. Moreover, smoothies are easy to prepare and made from a few ingredients.

To make a smoothie, you need to mix some fruit and ice, including a protein powder or milk for texture.

Raisin Bread:

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It is the same as bread but made from raisins. Put some of your desirable cheese on raisin bread if you are one who always wants something extra. Well, raisins have sweetness, so this will taste like a cheesecake if you make it properly.

Sesame Bar With Honey:

You have definitely spotted at your local market. Usually, it prepares with a combination of honey and sesame seeds. While quite tricky to eat and not healthy for your teeth, sesame seeds and honey are healthy as far as good to consume.

Vanilla Latte:

Are you a coffee lover? Well, consuming café mochas or lattes is the best way to quench your sweet tooth. Basically, they are not considered healthy drinks, but they allow you to satiate your craving without consuming many calories; it’s completely worth it.


Dinner, breakfast, and dessert, cereal is good for any meal. But when it comes to healthy dessert, it is the first choice of fitness freaks. Moreover, the best thing is that cereals are much better than a cup of ice cream, so consume it!

Almonds And Dark Chocolates:

Are you fond of chocolates? Well, you need not stay away from the aisle. Just pick a bar that contains more than 50% dark chocolate, which is loaded with flavonoids. It is because flavonoids are phytonutrients that help to prevent heart disease and aid weight loss. Furthermore, to make a bar healthier, eat it with some almonds.

Cheese With Sliced Apple:

Being said that, simple is always the best. So, cut an apple and enjoy it with creamy cheese for a delightful and sweet bite.

Note- Don’t remove the peel from the apple as it’s filled with fiber.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse:

Prepare with whipped and heavy cream and contain sugar, chocolate mousse is great to slake your sweet hunger pangs. Well, for a healthier one, you can prepare the avocado chocolate mousse. For this, you need a mixture of 1 grated avocado, ¼ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tsp honey, half cup unsweetened almond milk, a pinch of salt, and 1 tsp vanilla. For the topping, use some fresh berries and nuts.

Final Thoughts:

These are delicious sweet healthy snacks. Try them now and satiate your craving for sweets!

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