Baked Snacks Across the Globe

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Healthy baked snacks are a fast-growing segment of the restaurant industry. They can be eaten at any time during the day or night. Baked snacks are a healthy option as they are low calorie, high quality snack food. A variety of flavors, styles, fillings, methods of preparation, and prices are available in snacks catering to individual tastes and budgets.

These healthy baked snacks provide an alternative to full meal meals when family and guests are too busy to cook or would like to have something light and easy to prepare and eat. Baked snacks are popular all over the world because of the increase in urban population, growth in population of nuclear families, penetration of fast-paced modern society, and increased disposable income. Rising health concerns among individual consumers and change toward more healthful eating are contributing to the increasing need for healthy baked snacks throughout the globe. On a global scale, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and other chronic diseases are major concerns for citizens. In developed countries, there has been a major increase in the consumption of fast food, sweets, snacks, junk foods, and desserts over the past 20 years.

An Overview

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The rise in demand for healthy snacks has led to expansion of snack market worldwide, particularly in non-developed countries where there is a major imbalance in the availability of good nutrition and excessive demand for quick and convenient snack foods. As such, many snack vending machines have been installed in areas where poor nutrition and increased consumption of fast food and other sugary snacks are common. One of the most common ingredients in fast food and snack foods is sugar.

In response to the increasing needs of people around the world for more healthy snacks, several international companies have launched various products to meet this growing need. International companies have increasingly understood the need for people to have more access to healthy baked snacks that provide a range of benefits including better health, improved lifestyle, and an increased sense of well-being. A global healthy baked snacks market is now very vibrant with different manufacturers coming up with innovative, healthier snacks. These companies are making their presence on the global and regional markets and gaining considerable market share.

Best Baked Snacks Facts

A plate of food and a cup of coffee

Snacks like whole wheat flour and whole wheat crackers, which can be easily prepared at home, are a great addition to diets. Baked snacks with whole wheat flour are made from high fiber ingredients like whole wheat flour and high potassium, which helps reduce high cholesterol and promote better cardiovascular health. Moreover, they are made without excess fat and sodium, which are important for reducing the risk of high blood pressure. A wide variety of snacks in the healthy baked snacks market include: whole wheat flour with different flavors like strawberry, banana, and chocolate; whole wheat crackers with different flavors such as cinnamon and coconut; whole wheat snack breads and cookies; and enriched wheat snack crackers with different flavors such as banana and chocolate.

Maida or masala samosa is a delicious snack loved by everyone, young and old. It is an instant hit in any party and provides plenty of nutrients and energy to an active person. A delicious, mouthwatering snack, made samosa comes in two varieties, one from dry mung beans and the other from dried lentils. Both varieties of samosa contain almost the same amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The dry mung beans version is healthier and contains less fat and sodium than the fresh version. There are also many health benefits of having a healthy baked meal – it helps in weight loss, improves digestion, and helps to control diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, etc.

Some other healthy baked snacks in the global markets include almond butter and Brazil nuts, which are both extremely nutritious. In terms of variety, north America has established itself as the leader in snacks, where almost all major ingredients are grown and imported. Asian countries like India, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and others have taken on the lead in producing snacks using fruits and vegetables. With the global rise in the demand for nutritionally rich snacks in the North America markets, now you can find virtually any fruit or vegetable in these markets.

Bottom Line

As far as baking snacks in the Asia Pacific region is concerned, the most popular snacks here include wheat free cookies, which can be made at home with ingredients available at any grocery store. Also popular are sesame seeds, which can be added to normal wheat bread to make a special treat. Other favorites include nutty toasted rice cakes and sweetened coconut cakes. There are several other snack options available in this region, but maida or masala samosa is the most popular in Asia.

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