Best Heart Healthy Diet To Follow In 2021

Best Heart Healthy Diet To Follow In 2021

Most people break their heart-healthy diet plan frequently by taking high cholesterol and sugar-containing foods. How much you eat is not important for your heart, rather what you eat matters ultimately. If you consume good foods and stick to a heart-healthy diet, you can live a disease-free life. But, now a question arises if it is possible to stick to a heart-healthy diet plan without compromising the taste. The answer is yes. Let’s see how it is possible.

What To Eat During Heart Diseases?

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Those who are suffering from heart disease or recently recovered from a heart attack need to be careful about what they eat. You must change your eating habits in such cases and stick to a heart-healthy diet. During heart diseases, one should consume whole grains, lots of veggies and fresh fruits, low cholesterol food, low-fat milk products, nuts, eggs, fish, chicken (skinless), etc. Try to avoid red meat in such cases and don’t consume more than six eggs a week. Include capsicum, green chili, ginger, and garlic in your diet. These are rich in compounds that fight against cardiac diseases and heart attacks. 

Some Delicious Heart-healthy Food Items To Try

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For health-cautious people, taking a nutritious diet with less salt, low fat, and rich in fiber is highly essential. Burritos with Salsa Verde, Grilled sweet potatoes with parmesan cheese, roasted salmon fish with tomatoes and reddish, are a few tasty and heart-healthy foods that you can have without compromising your taste. If you are a vegetarian, you can try butternut stew, roasted vegetables in homemade garlic sauce, roasted zucchini, etc. Apart from all these items, it’s good to take the boiled egg white with salad in your morning breakfast. 

What Should A Heart-cautious Person Avoid?

To keep your heart healthy, you should say goodbye to deep-fried fast foods like- potato chips with high salt, french fries, fried chicken. In short, you should curtail the intake of saturated fats. These fats increase the LDL level in your body and thus, multiply the chances of a heart attack. If you have a smoking or drinking habit, give it up immediately. Smoking and consuming liquor are two practices that are highly responsible for heart attack as well as liver and lung diseases. Cut down your trans fat intake and rely on only healthy fats. 


Besides a heart-healthy diet, regular exercise and taking prescribed medicines on time are highly essential. We suggest you measure the portion size of each meal from now. Moreover, include food items rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats in your diet. Additionally, keep your water intake high and perform aerobic exercise regularly. Aim for a healthy weight to maintain an appropriate BMI. An appropriate BMI helps in reducing the chances of heart diseases. Eat mostly plant-based foods, take sufficient sleep, and try to be stress-free.

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