Easter Side Dishes That Are Healthy

healthy easter side dishes

Easter is a special holiday for many, and while many people may opt for eggs and bacon for breakfast, healthy Easter side dishes can be the better choice. With the busy lifestyles that most of us lead, preparing healthy food for Easter is not always easy. However, with a little creativity and the right preparation, anyone can enjoy a great Easter in the process. Here are some healthy Easter side dishes that you will love to prepare this Easter:

Egg Salad

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You can make a delicious brunch, complete with a fruit salad and eggs, using applesauce as a dressing. First, you need to prepare an egg salad, prepared using egg whites, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Also, you can make a delicious sauce by combining softened cream cheese, chopped apricots, green onions, and mayonnaise. Spread the mayonnaise on the bottom of each egg, and then top with the ingredients’ rest. Then, use an egg slicer to remove the eggs from the pan. Now it is time for brunch!

Open-Faced Sandwich With Mushroom Soup

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If you prefer to have sausage for your brunch, consider serving ham as an open-faced sandwich with tomato and mushroom soup as the base. To add to the healthy quotient, top the ham with spinach and green lettuce, and enjoy eating this healthy meal. The other good choices for breakfast are sausages and omelets. You can even make a healthy egg dish by replacing the ham with turkey and fresh mushrooms; just remember to use reduced-fat cheese and serve on a wheat roll.

Ham And Cheese

Ham and cheese are a crowd-pleasing meal that you and your family will enjoy eating on Easter. To make this healthy option for your brunch, replace him with a link leg bacon, and then cook the bacon in a non-stick skillet until it is done. Afterward, top with sliced ham and green lettuce, and enjoy eating this healthy meal.

Eggs are another popular healthy side dish for Easter. However, if you do not like eggs, there are also plenty of healthy alternatives available. For instance, you can make a yolk-free quiche for your brunch with avocados, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. Or you can bake a turkey loaf for breakfast, or you can bake muffins for dinner and use low-fat milk and cheese. Other healthy side dishes include vegetable salads, yogurt, and tuna salad.

Final Words

Of course, you can still eat chocolate and ice cream on Easter. However, you should be aware of the ingredients and the calories in each. It would be healthier to choose the healthy alternative, especially if you are watching your calories. Some desserts that you can indulge in are fruit toppings, sponge, cheesecake, banana split, tiramisu, chocolate fudge, and so much more. The secret is to find healthy side dishes that taste great yet are nutritious and delicious at the same time. There are so many delicious alternatives out there for you to choose from, and you are sure to find one that fits your meal theme!

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