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The food you eat makes a big difference to your health and quality of life. Although eating healthy is fairly simple, it’s a good practice to have a healthy food guide or a healthy diet menu at your disposal as a ready reckoner. Although the current trend of different types of diets and diet plans can cause confusion. So when looking for healthy foods to eat everyday, what you should remember is that the diet chart you follow gets the basics correct. A balanced and healthy diet should include foods which help in fulfilling the nutritional value while maintaining good health and reduce the risk of disease. 

So we’ve come up with insight on how you can build your own balanced diet and we’ve made some healthy food and healthy lifestyle recommendations too. For many people, eating healthy is skipping on tasty pizza and pastas and eating a lot of salad. If you don’t know a healthy and balanced diet or if you are struggling with delicious and healthy recipes then you are reading the correct article. Here you find everything healthy and delicious at the same time. 

Fruits and berries: Rich source of nutrition- 

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Apple are high in fibre, vitamin C, and numerous other antioxidants. They are very wholesome and you can one whenever you feel hungry between meals. This is a healthy food which can be included in your breakfast as well. 


Avocados aren’t just a fad, they’re really different than most of the fruits because they are loaded with healthy fats instead of carbs. Avocados are not only creamy and tasty, they are high in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. 


This fruit is said to be one of the best sources of potassium. They are quite rich in vitamin B6 and fibre as well. You can add bananas to your smoothies and pancakes for a filling meal. 


Orange is the perfect fruit that is a source of vitamin C. What else can you expect more from oranges? They are high in fibre and antioxidants. 


Strawberries are highly nutritious and low in both carbs and calories. They are loaded with vitamin C, fibre, and manganese. Not to mention strawberries are yummy too. 


Blueberries are the most powerful source of antioxidants. These are delicious in taste and can be added into your snacks and breakfast. 

Other healthy fruits: 

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Other health fruits including cherries, grapes, grapefruits, kiwifruit, mangoes, melons, peaches, pears, plums and raspberries. 


Eggs are considered as one of the most vital food as they contain a lot of protein and help in building body mass. Eggs aren’t just protein rich, they are a source of good fats too. 


Meat is healthy if it is unprocessed and gently cooked meat is a great source of nutrition. 


Grass fed lambs in particular are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. 

Chicken breasts: 

Chicken breast is low in fat and calories but extremely high in protein. This can helps in getting the necessary mass gain.

Nuts and seeds: 

Nuts are high in calories and fat which makes people assume that they can lead to weight gain, but you should know that nuts can also help in losing weight. These foods are perfect in taste also they are loaded with nutrients including magnesium and vitamin E. They are ready to eat snack thing as they do not require any preparation.


Vegetables are the most concentrated source of vitamins and nutrients. So, all those times your mum asked you to eat your veggies, you probably should have. But it’s never too late, add these to your healthy foods chart. 

So, ensure that you include all these items in your diet everyday.

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