Healthy Foods You Must Have To Release Stress

healthy food for breakfast

Stress is the invisible saboteur on our health, there is no doubt about it. What most people don’t know is that the right kind of food can help us cope with the daily stress. The truth is nutrition plays a key role in fighting the negative effects of stress, as the food we eat helps us repair and regain the balance of our health. Most of the times though, our busy schedule forces us skipping meals and eat lots of junk food, which is obviously taking our health on a negative path.

Facts About Healthy Food

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– Did you know that over 55% from the Americans eat lunches that consist in unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates? Imagine how easy is to grab a hamburger and a cold Cola; the only vegetable in this common menu consists in a leaf of lettuce or a sorrow pickle.

Some people ask themselves how we got here. Is it our fault we choose food that doesn’t complement our health? Just follow the money track and you will find the answer. The thing is you don’t see any lobby made for carrots or whole grain, do you? Moreover, the job and financial pressures, the changes that we have to adapt to every day and the lack of spare time push us inevitably towards what food giants feed us. We have no time to make the proper choices and take care of our health, and this is something that happens with the food we eat and our stress conditions alike.

The Tasteful Healthy Foods To Know About

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The good thing is that there is a way to combine the useful with the tasteful…

* Almonds can provide us with the B2 and E vitamins, magnesium and zinc. The first two are responsible for the serotonin secretion, which is the hormone that induces a sensation of well-being. The zinc is another essential component in fighting stress, whilst the E vitamin is highly efficient in ameliorating and preventing the diseases caused by the stress, such as cardiovascular diseases.

* Fish is the type of food that can be consumed anytime and in any quantity. Most of the fish species are true deposits of vitamins, such as the B vitamin, especially B6 and B12. The ladder can be considered maybe the most important substance involved in producing the ‘happiness hormone’.

* Pumpkins and cow cheese is a wonderful choice for your breakfast, and it can relieve some of the stress. Pumpkins are a natural source of C vitamin and we all know that being stressed for longer periods of time will drain your C vitamin resources in the body, especially in the renal glands.

* Feeling anxious? No problem, there is a remedy for that as well, and it doesn’t imply any ice cream or fried chicken. Grilled beef is the best choice to calm you down without damaging your health, as it contains loads of iron. If you eat only beefstake, you can also prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by stress.


Remember next time you feel stressed that choosing the food for the soul is not just an expression. Try to get the optimal nutrition in order to start with your stress management process. Variety is the one condition you can count on when choosing healthy food for your daily meals, as whatever nourishment you don’t get from one food, you will definitely get it from another.

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