Healthy Liquid Diet- Why it is Getting So Popular

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What comes to mind when you hear about liquid diets? Juices, soups, drinks, shakes, and many more options; This diet is trending popular all over the world, so many people are trying it for health benefits. But is it possible to survive by drinking liquids only? Is it healthy and what are the health benefits? We will answer all your questions, read below to find out what actually is a healthy liquid diet, why you should do it, and the benefits of it.

What is a Liquid Diet?

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A liquid diet is based on drinking only liquid food instead of solid food. This diet is all about having store-bought or homemade liquid food, such as Juices of fresh fruits or vegetables or herbs, vegetable or meat-based soups, smoothies, blended vegetables, protein shakes, milk and yogurt, herbal tea, etc. A liquid diet can be totally made of liquids or it can be obtained with partial solid and semi-solid food.

But what will you drink? Well, there are many diet guides with day-to-day diet charts that will help you with it. The diet plan consists of liquid food, when to drink/eat, how often, and with what. There are tons of recipes especially for a liquid diet, they are easy and quick to prepare; but before choosing a liquid diet plan, you must know why you should try it.

Why should you try it?

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Some people have to go with a liquid diet for medical reasons, it is mostly short-term; The reasons can be difficulty swallowing solid food, throat pain, digestive issues, post-operation, etc.

But the most popular reason for people going with a liquid diet is weight loss and detoxing. Liquid food is ideal for weight loss goals because you can control the portion size and calories without worrying about nutrition. Moreover, people who usually fast for a day should adopt a liquid diet fast to avoid weakness and fatigue without gaining extra calories. Liquid food varies from cooked food because you get direct nutrition like vitamins, protein, fiber, antioxidants, etc.

Health benefits of Liquid Diet:

A liquid diet helps flush out the toxins from your body, hydrates well, purifies blood, clears the skin, calms the internal organs, burns fat, and improves overall health. People who skip smaller meals with lots of fluids are more likely to lose weight faster than anyone; people with kidney, liver and digestive issues can gain more benefits by maintaining a liquid diet every day.

But can you survive on soups and juices? Yes, you can, only when you take enough nutrition from them to create energy. However, it is not suitable for busy lifestyles or people who have to do physical activities in daily life.


The healthy liquid diet should only be followed for a few days, along with semi-solid or solid food. The goal is to replace fatty food with liquids to avoid gaining extra pounds. The best way to enjoy a soup on a liquid diet is either by blending all the ingredients or eating cooked vegetables/meat in it.

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