Healthy Snacks List For Your Weight Loss Journey

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Who doesn’t like having snacks is a foolish question? We all eat snacks in the form of small meals at different times of day but there are chances that your gym trainer told you to cut any intake of snacks or limit your meal numbers and you are already craving them but at the same time do not want to ruin your diet. This article has solved your problem by making a list of healthy snacks that you can have without worrying about gaining weight. 

Nuts or Dried fruits

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Nuts are one of the most nutritious foods out there and you can confirm the same with any doctor or dietician out there. They are rich in calories yet studies have shown that they promote weight loss because not each calorie from them gets absorbed like from 180 calories of almonds only 130 will get absorbed. Nuts are considered healthy because they are full of antioxidants, control cholesterol, come with anti-inflammatory properties, and have high fibre which aids digestion. So next time take a handful of mixed nuts for your snack time.

Peanut butter and apple

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Fruits are always a healthy option no matter which type of diet you are on. They have natural sugars which are ideal for the body and highly nutritious. You may have heard that ‘an apple a day keeps doctors away’ and what makes it true are the healthy properties of apple but when combined with peanut butter, this snack tastes too good. Also eating them together improves good cholesterol for the body, improves stomach health, and does not cause weight gain if peanut butter is consumed in moderation.

Protein shake

It is not necessary to take solid food only, you can also drink a healthy shake for your snack like a whey protein shake. People have a perception that protein shake is calorie-rich and for weight gain but in reality, they aid in muscle gain which indirectly helps in weight loss as once you start gaining muscle, body fat decreases and composition improves. Also, shakes are not hard to make and all ingredients are easily available. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not add sugar to it, instead use a healthy sweetener.


Yoghurt is a dairy product that contains almost every nutrient your body needs making it a perfect fit for a healthy snack. It contains a very high amount of calcium which improves bone health. Greek yoghurt is rich in protein which improves metabolism and promotes the burning of calories. You can combine yoghurt with fruits like berries which have high antioxidants for extra benefits. One great thing about yoghurt is that it is not at all calorie-dense but you should not eat flavoured ones as they contain sugars that are high in calories.


Snacks are the best way to fill nutritional gaps in your diet and they keep your stomach full so that you don’t overeat in other meals. These all snacks are perfectly healthy and will aid you in weight loss too.

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