Heart Healthy Diet Recipe Is Here To Make Your Year Great

heart healthy diet recipe

Well, as per the recent survey conducted by Center of Disease Control And Prevention, one of the leading cause of death which is tormenting the whole of US is heart disease. Which definitely makes a reality check and asks each one of us to take the matter at hand. Apart from our brain, no other organ in an alive body is important than our heart. It conducts the whole circulatory process in our life. Therefore keeping it in good condition should be the utmost priority. However, the generation is very fast. Therefore taking proper care is getting impossible with each introductory phase. Hence sleeping well, drinking well, and making a healthy routine is definitely out of the question. Therefore learning some heart-healthy diet recipe or recipes is what you need right now. Well, here is Heart Healthy Diet Recipe one and Heart Healthy Diet Recipe two for you to try out before this year ends. Therefore without any further ado, let’s begin with –

Heart Healthy Diet Recipe One: Sheet Pan Chickpea Chicken

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With very little ingredient list, this recipe is one of the fast delicacies which you can cook. 

Ingredients list that follows:

  • Take around 15.5 ounces of rinsed chickpea.
  • Add around 16 ounces of mini sweet peppers to your ingredient list.
  • Then take 2 tablespoons of harissa sauce.
  • Next, take 4 skin-on chicken legs which are approximately 21/2 pounds.

Let’s Begin The Cooking Process Now-

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  • Heat your oven to 425 Degree F, then take a large sheet which must be rimmed. You need to put the chickpea and the peppers with 1 tablespoon cooking oil and salt.
  • Take a bowl and put one tablespoon of oil and the harissa and whisk both the ingredients together. Brush the chicken legs with harissa mix before nestling the chicken legs with chickpea and pepper. 
  • Continue the roasting process until the chicken turns golden brown in color; it can take around 20-25 mins. 
  • Don’t forget to serve the dish with cilantro.

Heart Healthy Diet Recipe Two: Morning Burritos With Salsa Verde

This is another creamy, cheesy, and fluffy delicacy that would be wonderful to take in the morning just like the name suggests. Once you taste this fine recipe I am sure you would try preparing it once again. Here is the ingredient list that you need to follow-

Ingredient list this preparation follows-

  • Take half lb of husked, rinsed tomatillos. Make sure to have it halved as well. 
  • Next, have a halved and seeded Jalapeno with one onion chopped into wedges.
  • Now, add two tablespoons of lime juice. Have it fresh.
  • Next take one-third fresh cilantro with 6 eggs, one tablespoon of olive oil, 4 large tortillas. 
  • Make sure to take kosher salt for this preparation.
  • Next, take one c. shredded pepper jack with one c.refried and fat-free beans.

Direction You Need To Follow For The Preparation-

  • Prepare an oven rack, 6 inches from the broiler. 
  • Next, you need to prepare the tomatillos, jalapenos cutting both sides down.
  • Now heat the broiler.
  • Take a foil-lined baking sheet and put the onion and broil until you see blisters.
  • Once the veggies cool down, get them transferred to the food processor where you will have to add the lime juice, cilantro.
  • Also, add one-fourth tablespoon of salt with the pulse(Make sure that the salsa is a bit chunky).
  • Take a bow and whisk the eggs while adding salt to the mix.
  • Now heat a skillet adding cooking oil and add the mixed eggs and cook.
  • Take the one-fourth cup of beans and place them in the tortillas when adding the eggs and cheese over it. Also, add 2 tablespoons of salsa to each of the burritos and roll it up. 
  • Serve your burritos with the leftover salsa. 


Well, these are the two recipes that you can try your hands on before the winter ends. Besides being healthy, both recipes are mouth-watering delicacies. You can try out the ideas as daily food choice or as a party item, the choice is yours. Hope you try out both the ideas anytime soon. Happy Holidays.

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