Take These Protein-Rich Vegan Snacks With You Anywhere

high protein vegan snacks

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High Protein Vegan Snacks are packed with both protein and fiber and two crucial nutrients that can be difficult to fit into a vegan diet. Protein is essential for building muscle, strengthening bones, producing enzymes in the body, repairing muscles after working out, and more. On the other hand, fiber is important for digestive health in general. Both of these nutrients are also naturally very filling, which helps you maintain healthy body weight.

Here are some Vegan Snack List that must be included in your daily diet.

Peanut Butter and Protein Fluff Sandwich

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This high protein vegan snack sandwich is simple to make and delicious all at the same time. Peanut butter provides protein while banana provides fiber. Combine these two with some whole grain bread and you’ve got a perfect vegan snack for powering through your day.

Fruit and Nut Bar

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This is a simple bar that you can make at home with any combination of nuts, fruit, etc. The ingredients are whatever you have on hand, which makes this bar very customizable for your taste buds. You can even try stirring some protein powder into the mix if you’d like to increase the nutritional value.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

This classic snack just got a vegan makeover! This high protein vegan snack provides plenty of protein from peanut butter while the jelly adds in some fruit. It’s low in sugar, which means you won’t have an energy crash after eating it.

Baked Kale Chips

Kale chips are a mealtime favorite for many people, but now they are vegan-friendly! This simple recipe can be customized based on your favorite flavors.

Stuffed Dates

Dates are a sweet snack that also gives you some protein and fiber at the same time. You can fill them with your favorite nut or seed butter to add even more nutrients to this already nutritious fruit.

Sunflower Seed Butter and Cacao Nib Sandwiches

These high protein vegan snacks are a great combination of protein from the sunflower seed butter and potassium from the bananas. The cacao nibs provide some healthy fat as well as a delicious chocolate flavor to these vegan snacks.

Orange Slices with Tahini

Tahini gives you protein and healthy fat to keep you feeling satisfied and focused throughout your day. Orange slices provide some vitamin C as well as potassium, which is essential for keeping your blood pressure in check and promoting overall wellness.

Sweet Potatoes and Sea Salt

This roasted sweet potato provides fiber and protein while sea salt adds a bit of flavor to this simple vegan snack.

All of these high protein vegan snacks are simple to make and can be easily stored in a cooler or lunch bag. They will give you lasting energy to power through your day. You can buy them premade, but it is almost as easy (and cost-effective) to just make them at home yourself!

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