The Best Diet For Healthy Hair That You Must Follow

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Every other person desires healthy and strong health, especially when they grow older. Your hair grows for about 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches per year. This growth entirely depends on the factors like genetics, health, diet, and age. However, you can not actually bring a change to these factors like age and genetics, but diet is that essential thing that can help you control the food that you intake. But also, you need to keep in mind that if you consume a diet that lacks several nutrients, then it will eventually lead to hair loss. On the other hand, if you opt for a diet for healthy hair that provides you the right nutrient, then it will help in promoting your hair growth, especially when you’re at a hair loss period Because of poor nutrition. 

Some Helpful Foods That You Must Include In Your Diet For A Healthy Hair

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It is important for you to consume an adequate amount of protein for hair growth because the hair follicles are mainly made of protein. If your diet is lacking protein, then it will eventually promote hair loss. Also, Biotene is one essential supplement that is required for the production of a hair protein called creatine. This is the reason why vitamin supplements are mainly marketed among the public for hair growth. Also, eggs are a great source of selenium, zink, and other healthy hair nutrition. 


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Barries contain several vitamins and compounds that promote hair growth. Barries consist of vitamin C that contains strong antioxidant properties as well. Antioxidants mainly play a role in protecting the hair follicles against all the damage that they face from harmful molecules like free radicals. For example, strawberries are very rich in vitamin C and help in collagen production along with the iron as absorption in your body that eventually promote hair growth. 


Being one of the beneficial, healthy green vegetables, spinach is loaded with several nutrients like iron, folate, vitamin A and C that help in promoting hair growth. Vitamin A helps a human body’s skin glance to produce sebum. 


Sebum is the oily substance that keeps your scalp moisturized in order to keep your hair healthy for a long time period. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are famously known to be a great source of beta carrot. The human body is able to convert beta carrot into vitamin A which is directly link to good hair health. Sweet potatoes are one of the amazing foods that you must include in your diet for healthy hair as bit keep as help in growing your hair thicker. 


Nuts are quite convenient, tasty and are known because they contain a lot of nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. Nuts also help in reducing inflammation along with the lower risk of hard diseases by even promoting better hair growth. 


The above given are some of the foods that you must include in your diet for healthy hair as they can have a huge effect on your hair health. Always keep in mind that a lack of the right nutrients that include zink, vitamin A, B, C, D, biotin, protein, iron, and the other essential fatty acids will eventually slow down your hair growth that Callen even goes hair loss. 

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