The Making Of Cauliflower Stew And Other Recipes For Healthy Food!

Recipes for healthy foods

Today we are first going to start with and make a wonderful cauliflower stew. Strip the cauliflower and heat, and then add garlic and oil. This is one of the best-rated recipes for healthy food.

You can use coconut oil and use cumin seeds so that your husband and kids love the taste better and one would personally like the taste of cumin seeds because these pop up in the veggie and make it more palatable and the color goes well with the veggie as well. When you are at the stage of cooking, you can add some salt and pepper. You can also add some ghee as a recipe for healthy food.

Recipes for healthy foods for weight loss
Recipes for healthy foods for weight loss

You can add some turmeric and see if it adds zest to your meal. We also know that traditionally we all know the benefits of turmeric and how this yellow golden herb can add a feel of love to your meal. We all like a rich meal and cauliflower can get utterly boring so add some olives!

Chickpea Curry And Recipes For Healthy Food!

Chickpea curry is a favorite and whenever my hubby wants something different for himself then we cook this nice meal. Add canola oil, you can also use onions and destone the olives for a better taste.

The onions can be minced and cook till the onions are translucent and well cooked. Add some lemon and ginger if you like ginger and all the works of a recipe for healthy food. It makes sense that you might not like tomatoes but some people do and that depends on you if you would like some tangy in your meal.

Healthy 20 Minute Recipes For Healthy Food!

There are many people who love fish and this meal is one of those.

It is a fish stew in which you have to add 500 ml of water and just let it boil and see that the outer layers of the scales are removed so that you have pushed the boiled fish to the bottom of the pan. You have to cook your dish for one hour at a maximum. You will know when your meal is cooked and fish turning golden and when it becomes caramelized and a recipe for healthy food.

Broccoli Dish And Recipes For Healthy Food!

There is no one in this world that has not shifted to broccoli from cabbage and you know that with all vegetables, you have to cover the lid halfway and then remove so that the veggies are cooked at the best temperature. These have vitamin C and Vitamin K which is a recipe for healthy food. You can add some honey and you are good to go!

Boiled Peas and Beans

Those, the chiefs can add some boiled peas and beans. This lifts the dish and brings color and a dash of originality. Add some nutty flavors and get the ball rolling. This can mainly be your chicken and fish dish. This seems great with salads and warm bowls of some papadams

Ricotta and berries

If you are a ricotta fan, you’re in luck. This is yummy and healthy.

Greek Yoghurt

Know more about Recipes for healthy foods
Know more about Recipes for healthy foods

Favorites are favorites and most people cannot stop gorging over Greek Yoghurt. It makes you lose weight and maintain a healthy athletic body. Everyone can eat yogurt as a recipe for healthy food.

Mint Ice Cream

You’ve had your good food and you are relaxing, chill with some mint ice cream. Mint tastes great and mint chocolates and ice creams are super good.

Apple Sauce

Eat some apple sauce and stay cool and happy. You can mix and match with chocolate and enjoy it!

The Last Recipe For Healthy Food!

The recipe for healthy food just with a touch of love!

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