Top 7 Healthy Vegetable Dishes

healthy vegetable dishes

The best way to start planning your healthy vegetable dishes for the week is to start listing ingredients for your healthy side dishes that you can prepare in advance. Healthy side dishes are an excellent way to enhance the flavor of your main courses and snacks. They can also be used to eliminate sauces or dressings that could cause you to develop food intolerances or allergies. As you plan your menu, think about the possibilities for healthy vegetable dish recipes and which ones will work well with your diet.

An Overview

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If you are having trouble coming up with healthy vegetable dishes for your next dinner, consider serving raw vegetables. Raw vegetables provide your body with essential nutrients without the mess and high-calorie count of cooked vegetables. Raw vegetables can be used to make a hearty and tasty raw soup, stir fry, or even make a delicious raw pizza crust.

Healthy Vegetable Dish Ideas

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A great healthy vegetable dish idea for dinner is to make a healthy pasta sauce. You can combine spiral noodles and healthy vegetables for a low fat and low calorie pasta sauce. Cook your noodles in a pan over a low heat until they are just tender but not mushy. When they are soft, add your desired amount of tomato sauce and herbs such as oregano, parsley, or cilantro.

Another way to enjoy a healthy vegetable dish is to make a delicious raw vegetable salad. Salads can be a great way to combine several fruits and vegetables into one healthy side dish. You can choose to combine apples, celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, radishes, and red onions; but be sure to make sure you have enough raw vegetables for the recipe. Add some shredded carrots and radishes to the salad and enjoy it on the table at mealtime. Add chopped zucchini and peas for a full healthy vegetable salad.

If you are looking for a healthy dessert, you might want to try an easy raw chocolate cake. The chocolate in this healthy cake makes it a rich healthy dessert that will leave you feeling refreshed at the end of the day. You can add any fruit such as strawberries, banana, cherries, or peaches for an added sweetener to this healthy cake. Use unsweetened real cream cheese in place of eggs in the cake. Bake the cake on a hot oven until the cake is done. Let it cool off and enjoy.

Another delicious healthy vegetable dish is a baked sweet potato. Baked sweet potatoes are healthy because they are made with whole foods such as fiber and vitamins. If you are not fond of potatoes, try baked sweet potato patties. These patties are delicious and you can add any variety of vegetables to them to create healthy patties that will keep you full and satisfied.

Some people do not like to cook vegetables, so they turn to pizza for a healthy alternative. However, this may not be the healthy alternative you were looking for. Pizza is made from unhealthy ingredients such as cheese and meat. Try a healthy vegetable pizza that is made with vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, beets, and spinach for an all day great tasting meal that will have your family feeling healthy.

In Conclusion

With summer approaching, you might find yourself craving some healthy vegetable dishes that you can prepare. There are many healthy vegetable dishes that can be made to feed a large family. A simple tomato soup with some bones will keep you full all day long. Try a stew or chili with some lean meats or fish for a satisfying, healthy taste. Your family will love to eat these healthy meals. Find the healthy recipes online that you enjoy and start creating a healthy lifestyle today.

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