What Makes Chicken Curry As The Most Healthy Dish

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You might not believe it, but Chicken curry can be a good addition in your strict diet plan. Being health-conscious doesn’t mean you need to forget about eating delicious food and simply concentrate on raw vegetables and other fibrous meals.

Yes, it is true that you need to be disciplined with what you eat. Otherwise, you will uncontrollably grow bigger and heavier. Thus, you will contract all deadly diseases that go along with being obese. Yet, eating meat is not a mortal sin especially if you are eating chicken curry.

The Benefits Of Eating Chicken

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Obviously, chicken curry is rich in protein because of the chicken meat. Protein is needed to build muscle tissues, and is essential for growth. Chicken contains less fat especially the breast part, thus it is unthreatening to the cardiovascular health.

Aside from protein, chicken contains niacin and vitamin B6. Niacin is good in controlling any abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the body, while vitamin B6 is a good source of energy.

Aside from those who are maintaining their weight or into a weight loss program, there are some specific individuals that need to incorporate chicken curry in their dietary plan. Those people who suffer from diabetes, skin cancer, and other inflammatory problems in the body can greatly benefit from eating this dish. Here are the health facts:

The curry mixture is a combination of herbs and spices like cayenne, but it largely has the component of turmeric that contains Curcumin in it.

This Curcumin is known to have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is good in treating arthritis and cleansing the colon.

In addition, Curcumin is also known to treat skin cancer because it causes the Melanoma cells to destroy itself.

The cayenne in the chicken curry gives that hot and spicy burning sensation. The cayenne is notably good as an analgesic, yet it is also identified to lessen the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

The Possible Benefits Of Chicken Curry

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Though it has not been tested in humans, but laboratory research was conducted using lab mice that were fed with chicken curry. These mice had breast cancer, and the result showed that the curry had stopped the spreading of the cancer cells in the body of these mice because the curry has the ability to inhibit oxidative damage.

Final Words

Another possible benefit of eating chicken curry is that it reduces the production of beta-amyloid which is the cause of having Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, it has a bigger chance of arresting Alzheimer’s disease. As of today, there is an ongoing study on how it can prevent the development of Alzheimer because previous studies lacked the epidemiologic evidence.

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